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Hiking Mt Ngungun with kids

Hiking Mount Ngungun with kids

Don't let the fact Mt Ngungun is a 'mountain' deter you from hiking to the top with your kids. It's a surprisingly easy hike and one that most kids should be able to tackle.…

Fun in the vines in the Hunter Valley

Top tips for the Hunter Valley with kids

I know, I know – the Hunter Valley and kids doesn’t sounds like two things that go together. But given that we firmly believe that life doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) stop after having children, we were more than willing to…

Families of Australia: The Blair Family

VIDEO: Aussie World with Families of Australia

We are so excited to announce that our family was recently selected as the ‘Face of the Sunshine Coast’ for Virgin Australia and Bound Round’s Families of Australia campaign. As the ‘Face of the Sunshine Coast’ we will spend…