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New South Wales

One of the bigger caves at Caves Beach, near Lake Macquarie, NSW.

Exploring Caves Beach

There is something magical about beach caves. Maybe it’s the fact that you can usually only access them for a short period when the tides are right. Or maybe it’s that the power of the waves, in many cases, have…

Fun in the vines in the Hunter Valley

Top tips for the Hunter Valley with kids

I know, I know – the Hunter Valley and kids doesn’t sounds like two things that go together. But given that we firmly believe that life doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) stop after having children, we were more than willing to…

Kangaroos on the beach at Look At Me Now Headland

Wild kangaroos on the beach at Look At Me Now Headland

Seeing wild kangaroos on the beach is one of those iconic Aussie sights that visitors to Australia (and many Australians themselves!) dream about. Sadly, the experience is a little more elusive than many of us would like. But on…