Tonnes of fun with TowSkim Oz

Family fun with Tow Skim

Do you remember how much fun you had as a kid on a skim board? Or, at least, trying to skim along the water’s edge on a bodyboard or homemade board as your mum or dad almost keeled over as they struggled to pull you along?

We love those awesome childhood memories! So much fun! (Although Mum and Dad probably think of those times less fondly. Lol.)

In the past, we’ve tried to recreate the bodyboard skimming fun for our own kids. They had a blast but it’s pretty really hard work if you’re the poor parent pulling them along for what feels like the 2 millionth time!

But no more! We recently discovered TowSkim Oz boards and OMG they are amazing!

Surfing on a Tow Skim board

Surfing on a TowSkim Oz board

Unless you’ve tried one, it’s hard to believe just how easy TowSkim boards are to pull along. They really do glide across the water’s surface, but are also really sturdy and pick up some awesome speed for lots of fun.

It’s so easy that our kids can even pull each other along, experiencing the thrill and excitement of skimming along the water’s edge while we happily watch on.

The science behind how TowSkim Oz boards work is a little beyond us (and is also a tightly guarded secret by Tow Skim’s creators who developed and patented the design) but there is definitely some kind of magic involved.

It’s basically a slightly modified skim board with a patented, adjustable towing system and can be easily pulled by an adult or another child along the beach shallows.

Twice the fun on a Tow Skim board

Twice the fun on a TowSkim Oz board

We found that the shallower the water the easier it was, and it was also so easy that we could pull both kids on the Tow Skim board at the same time.

Kids can actually ride the TowSkim Oz at three different levels: the ‘knee rider’ for the little ones and beginners to give them the thrill of aquaplaning in a kneeling or sitting position; the ‘handle rider’ where they stand with the rope connected to the board to work on their balance; or the ‘free rider’ where you disconnect the rope and throw the board down and jump on as it moves.

Surfing on a Tow Skim board

Surfing on a TowSkim Oz board

Both of our young kids loved the knee rider and handle rider positions, with our 5-year-old son even able to ‘surf’ along sanding up. Hours of fun!

As our daughter says: “It’s really good, really fun and easy to glide along or even pull my brother along!”

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast and keen to get a TowSkim board get in touch with us, as we have a couple of boards from TowSkim Oz available at a great discounted price for a couple of our very lucky local readers!

(PLEASE NOTE: This article is our own opinion. We were not paid for this blog post but were gifted a TowSkim for review purposes.)

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