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Feeding wild dolphins at Tin Can Bay
Family Fun

Feed wild dolphins at Tin Can Bay

Have you always wanted to feed wild dolphins? At Tin Can Bay’s Barnacles Dolphin Centre you can do just that – and it’s a truly amazing experience! Arguably one of the best things our family has ever done. For just $40,…

Whale watching in Hervey Bay
Family Fun

Get up close whale watching in Hervey Bay!

If you’ve ever wanted to go whale watching, Hervey Bay is the perfect place for you! Just 1.5 to 2 hours drive north of the Sunshine Coast or about 3.5 hours from Brisbane, Hervey Bay is honestly the most…

Birds at Maleny Bird World
Family Fun

Make feathered friends at Maleny Bird World

Get up close with and even hold brightly-coloured macaws or exotic parrots at Maleny Bird World. Have you ever seen a beautiful bright parrot or macaw and wanted the chance to pat or even hold one of these colourful…